Global Green Pals Story

Global Green Pals Flying Around the Globe

The mission begins in London, England, when Carbon Offset Chet™ and his brother Solar-Powered Howard™ have the great idea to build an airplane that runs on solar energy. The brothers love to travel, but also know that airplanes can pollute the environment too. So they put their science and imagination skills to work and decide to build a revolutionary machine that is powered solely by the rays of the sun.

They name it Solar2. With Solar2, they fly around the globe and are able to see the planet without polluting it! Chet is appointed pilot because Howard wants to stay home to build more solar-powered energy-efficient gadgets.

During Chet’s travels, he hopes to find other kids who are concerned about the environment too. He flies to all corners of the Earth to find and make friends with children who care about clean water, clean air, healthy plants and animals, the ocean, recycling, and spreading the word to others. One day after a long flight over the Atlantic Ocean, Chet decides to land in the middle of the United States, in the city of Chicago.

It’s there that he meets Clean Air Kate ™ who is riding her bicycle with her mom near the lake. They are on their way to the farmer’s market in the park. Chet thinks this is really cool because Kate and her Mom are riding their bikes instead of just jumping in a car. Biking is pollution-free, just like Solar2! Chet and Kate both care about the environment and want to spread the word to their friends. Chet still has more exploring to do, but he tells Kate that he will keep in touch. He sets off again in hopes to meet more pals!

As Chet travels west, he touches down in the city of Seattle in the Northwestern United States. There he meets Recycle Kyle™ who loves to skateboard, another pollution-free mode of transportation!! Kyle is really concerned about the environment because he sees litter and garbage in the street. He tells Chet that one day he hit a soda can that made him fall off his skateboard and get hurt. From that day on, Kyle decided to carry a recycling bag so he can pick up litter and teach people about recycling. He knows his community has recycling areas to take cans and bottles and he wants to help keep his streets clean. Chet and Kyle get along great! They are both on a mission to help clean up the environment! “Let’s keep in touch Kyle,” says Chet. “I’ve got to run to see what’s going on down under.”

Chet heads West and after flying over much open water, Chet begins to see land in the distance. As he approaches it, he sees turquoise blue waters, many colorful fish and a huge coral reef! He spots a beach in the distance and comes in for a landing. He is in Australia at last! While taking a stroll along the beach, he meets Pink Coral Laurel, ™ who is wading in the shallow water with her mask and snorkel. Laurel loves to snorkel with her fish and marine life friends and cares about protecting the coral reefs that they live in. She tells Chet that the Great Barrier Reef (which he saw while landing) stretches for hundreds of miles and is home to thousands of marine plants and animals. Climate change, global warming and overfishing are affecting the corals and fish in her beloved sea. This is something that causes Laurel much sadness, but she has determination to help in any way that she can. Chet tells Laurel of Kate and Kyle too and how they all care about the environment. The kids have so much to talk about, but it is again time for Chet to be on his way home. He is excited to tell Howard of everyone he has met!

As Chet soars over the ocean and many fascinating landscapes, Solar2 begins to gain speed. The sun is bright and his Solar2 is cruising! Chet begins to see small desert towns and villages below and wonders where he is. His curiosity gets the best of him and he decides to make one more stop before going back home.

Upon landing, he realizes he is in India! As Solar2 lands in a field, local villagers are intrigued. Among the friendly group, a young girl is curious about Solar2. Her name is Pani Rani™ which means “Water Princess” in her native language. Rani tells Chet that her village once experienced a water shortage for several months. Since then she has vowed to help spread the word about conserving water and provides tips that people can practice daily to save water and use only as much as it needed. Chet learns so much from the little time he has with Rani and tells her of the other pals he has met, but he must be on his way home. He says goodbye to Rani, vows to keep in touch, boards Solar2 and soars out of the desert and into the sky.

Finally back home in London, Chet runs into the workshop and tells Howard of his travels and the great pals he has made. Howard can tell that his brother is excited and eager to do something with his new findings. The boys chatter on for hours about things that they can do with the information that Chet has come across. They realize that there are children all around the world who care about the environment and who want to make a difference! And so, Global Green Pals™, a club of kids from around the world who vow to make a difference and are greening the planet in their own unique ways, was born. From the little time this young pilot has spent traveling and exploring, he has already found many other pals who care about the planet and want to make changes in their communities.

The Global Green Pals™ look forward to meeting you too!

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