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Founded in 2004, Global Green Pals™ is a woman-owned and operated American-based company committed to bringing children eco-friendly, educational toys that inspire positive world action through play and imagination. Its founder, Malini Goel, a lawyer and environment policy consultant who works with the United Nations and other organizations, was inspired by her grandfather who once said, “Use your education as a broom to clean up Mother Earth.”  Combining creativity, dedication and a desire to educate youth to become a new generation of eco-ambassadors, Global Green Pals™ was born.

Global Green Pals™ is committed to offering safe, innovative and quality toys to today’s consumers.  Our products are kid-friendly, parent-approved, eco-conscious and educational.  Parents, teachers and children continue to give them a big thumbs-up!  In a world where our environment is at risk, we believe that through exposure at an early age, we can encourage simple, creative, and positive actions that can create positive environmental change and ultimately change the world.

Along with a talented team that includes Helena Robertson, teacher, environmental enthusiast and Mompreneur; Vijaya Govindan, sustainability expert; and Daniel Shure, who served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Strombecker Corporation from 1988-2004 and who sits on Global Green Pals™ Board of Advisors, knowledge, passion, experience and commitment is what makes Global Green Pals™ unique.

Our hope is that children around the world will contribute to the environment in their own small ways as they play and learn. We believe in the same philosophy and in doing our part too. That is why our company supports 1% for the Planet™.  By purchasing a Global Green Pal™, you are not only purchasing a safe and eco-friendly toy you are educating the future and helping the environment too.

We thank you.

Kind regards,

Malini Goel
Founder, Global Green Pals™

Play! Educate! Action!

Global Green Pals™ offers eco-friendly, kid-approved, educational toys that inspire boys and girls ages 3 and above towards positive environmental action.

Founder Malini Goel talking to kids about the environment

Founder Malini Goel talking to kids about the environment

Global Green Pals™ characters introduce children to cultural diversity at an early age, with characters such as Carbon Offset Chet, Pink Coral Laurel and Pani Rani hailing from different corners of the globe and with many more global pals to come. Global Green Pals are perfect for a global world!

Kids love their Global Green Pals!

Kids love their Global Green Pals!

The Global Green Pals™ highlight important environmental issues such as global warming, air and water pollution, and water quality and scarcity.  Through their individual messages, Global Green Pals™ inspire children to take environmental action in their homes, schools, and communities, encouraging children to do simple things and use their imaginations to discover ways they can help save the planet.

Children Can Take Environmental Action

Global Green Pals™ characters are eco-ambassadors that can serve as role models for kids through play. While the issues that face the next generation are profound, saving the planet can be fun! While playing with our lovable characters, children can read our suggestions on what they can do for the environment. They can also share their own stories on our website!

The goal of the Global Green Pals™ is to inspire real world action.

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