Earth And Sky

Chet, Kate, Rani, Laurel, and Kyle love Annie Dinerman’s Christmas song Earth and Sky!

Like Annie, all the Global Green Pals want for Christmas is a world with clean air, a clear ocean, green forests, and safe homes for animals around the globe. Leave us a comment telling us what you want for Christmas.

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Global Green Pals – Choice of Bloggers and Customers This Holiday Season!

Don’t you just love the holidays – the decorations, the food, and most importantly the get-togethers with your family and pals!

Christmas is just 2 weeks away and the Global Green Pals can’t wait to find their way into new homes this holiday season! Even parents are excited about meeting the Pals for the holidays. Canadian Natural Mama said, “Global Green Pals would make a fabulous gift for any child on your list.” World of Green, Safe Mama, The Eco Chic, and Eden Organic Blog couldn’t agree more! They are all helping to spread our eco-message by recommending us in their eco-friendly holiday gift guides. Pittsburgh Today Live also featured us in their Eco-Friendly Holiday Gifts for Kids TV segment.

Pink Coral Laurel and her pals want to know how you celebrated the holidays! Send in photos of you and your family and friends with your Global Green Pals! We’d love to see how you and your new pal recycled your wrapping paper and built a snowman with it!

The holidays are all about giving. When you give the gift of Global Green Pals, we give a portion of your purchase to environmental organizations via our partnership with 1% for the Planet. And don’t forget, as our holiday gift to you, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING until 12/31. To ensure arrival before Christmas, order by Friday, 12/17. Our little eco-elves look forward to sending your pals!


Visit to order your Global Green Pals for the holidays!

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(*Don’t forget! Obtain permission to submit photos and materials if you are under 18 years of age. Thank you!)

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Youth and Climate Change on the occasion of COP16

Climate change affects us all. For the past 2 weeks, people from all over the world have been meeting in Cancun, Mexico for the COP 16 climate change conference. The goal of COP 16 is to get countries, communities, and people around the world to collaborate and work together to help the planet! What will the result of COP16 be?  We will find out in the years to come. But meanwhile, we can all take action now!

What is climate change?

Carbon emissions have been rising for decades. These greenhouse gases have caused the earth’s temperature to rise both on land and in the ocean. As a result there has been an increase in droughts, melting glaciers, floods, soil quality reduction, and heat waves.

What can we do?

Countries can reduce greenhouse gases by increasing their use of wind power and other renewable energy sources.

All of us can also help combat climate change by turning our attention to the youth.  Today’s youth are tomorrow’s future! Many youth organizations around the globe are taking the lead. An example is the UK’s DECC Youth Advisory Panel, which stresses the importance of involving young people in environmental decisions. Children are the ones who will inherit the earth so it is important they learn to take action early on. The DECC Youth Panel hopes doing so will help reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.

Why not increase awareness as early as possible? Global Green Pals doll characters like Carbon Offset Chet and Pink Coral Laurel can help children to start thinking positively about these topics early and help raise awareness about how they can help the planet. Simple things like turning off the lights when they leave a room, walking to school, buying locally-grown food, keeping beaches clean, and recycling can make a collective difference in their future by 2020.  The children of today are the decision-makers of tomorrow.

Wind turbines such as these can reduce greenhouse gases! (Photo courtesy of Malini Goel)

The COP 16 conference will end, but climate change continues. We all deserve a sustainable world and must do our part for the planet. Remember it is cool to care about the climate! Join Global Green Pals in spreading the word.


As our holiday gift to you, we are offering free shipping until 12/31/10! Order by December 17th to ensure holiday delivery!

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