Kyle Recycles. Do You? Celebrate America Recycles Day Nov. 15!

Hi pals! Recycle Kyle here.

Recycle Kyle loves recycling!

Did you know November 15 is America Recycles Day? All over the United States people will be raising awareness for recycling. You and your family and friends can participate by signing the America Recycles Day pledge!

About 70% of the trash in landfills is recyclable! It is important to learn what can be recycled so we can lower this number and help the environment. Here are 5 things around your house and community that you can recycle:

1. Newspapers – A few times a week your family may receive a newspaper. Instead of throwing them out, recycle them! Also make sure you only recycle newspapers that are dry and clean.

You can recycle newspapers if they are dry and clean!

2. Magazines – Instead of letting old magazines pile up around your house, recycle them! Recycling plants use magazine paper to create other paper products. Make sure any magazines you recycle are dry and clean.

Recycle old magazines you have around your house!

3. Aluminum Cans and Plastic Bottles – Many beverage cans and bottles are made from recyclable aluminum and plastic! Before you recycle them, separate the bottles and cans, then rinse them out with water. If you don’t have a recycling program in your neighborhood, your local supermarket should have can and bottle machines you can use.

These students are separating their cans and bottles before they recycle. You should too. (Photo credit

4. Corrugated Cardboard – Corrugated paper is recyclable and often used to make cardboard boxes for packages. If you have these boxes in your house, school, or community, you can recycle them! Make sure they are clean, and the boxes are flattened first.

Some boxes like this one are made from recyclable corrugated cardboard and can be recycled too!

5. Computers, TVs, and Electronics -If you have an old computer, TV, or another electronic device that’s in good working condition, donate it to a local charity or organization. If it cannot be reused, find a local recycling program that will collect them.

Donate any electronics that are in good working condition!

From paper to park benches to holiday decorations and more, many new items can be made from recycled products. Even Global Green Pals are stuffed with recycled plastic bottles!

I hope you all promise to recycle and sign the America Recycles Day pledge! To find recycling centers in your neighborhood and learn more about recycling, visit

Your pal,

Recycle Kyle

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