Keeping Our Beaches Clean

Did you enjoy the beach this summer?  Were the sand and water clean?

Healthy, clean beaches, lakes and oceans have always been an important part of our lives and summer fun.  Global Green Pals love when people come together to take care of them! On Saturday, September 25, thousands gathered on beaches in over 100 countries for International Coastal Cleanup Day. Volunteers beautified beaches by removing trash on land. In Puerto Rico, volunteers even did an underwater cleanup! This was very exciting for our own little snorkeler, Pink Coral Laurel.

Carbon Offset Chet is excited about these volunteers along London's Thames River! (Image via Ocean Conservancy)

Pink Coral Laurel loves the underwater cleanup efforts in Aquadilla, Puerto Rico. (Image via Ocean Conservancy)

There weren’t only adults participating. Kids helped too! Check out these photos of students in India (home of Pani Rani) and the Bahamas removing trash. They know how important it is that we keep our beaches clean so everyone can enjoy them for years to come!

Pani Rani loves that students in Mangalore, India participated! (Image via Daiji World)

These students in the Bahamas did a terrific job cleaning up the beach! (Image via The Bahamas Weekly)

International Coastal Cleanup Day is an example of what we  can do everyday.  When you go to the beach, make sure you throw out your garbage in the appropriate containers. If you have bottles, cans and other materials that are recyclable, make sure you recycle them or take them with you until you can reach a recycling center. When trash stays on the beach or goes into the water, it harms the environment and fish and other aquatic life in our lakes and oceans. It is important we do our part to keep them safe!

Let’s make International Coastal Cleanup Day every day!

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