International Walk to School Month!

Hey Pals!

Did you know October 2010 is International Walk to School Month! All around the globe, children just like you are walking and biking to school.

Global Green Pals’ Clean Air Kate loves to ride bikes, plant trees, and walk, so she and her Pals was excited to learn the first U.S. walk to school event took place in her hometown of Chicago in 1997! Carbon Offset Chet and Pink Coral Laurel were also excited to learn that their Pals in England and Australia have also been participating in Walk to School month  for years! The event was created in 1994 in Chet’s home country of England.

The Global Green Pals love to walk and bike to school!

There are many reasons why we should walk and bike to school:

  1. It’s good exercise!Pink Coral Laurel snorkels, Recycle Kyle skateboards, and Clean Air Kate rides her bike. Walking and biking to school. is a great way to stay active and healthy. Even U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama thinks this is a great way to get active early in the day and take part in the Presidential Active Lifestyle program.
  2. It helps the environment! – When your parents drive you to school, their car puts pollution into the atmosphere. By walking to school you help reduce pollution, carbon emissions and traffic on the road.
  3. Create safer walking routes! – When towns, cities, and communities notice more children walking to school, they will make efforts to ensure walking is safe and fun for all!

The Global Green Pals think these are great reasons to walk and bike to school.  They hope you and your pals will join the fun, help the environment, and participate in International Walk to School Month. Tell your parents and teachers to sign up here this month:

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