How Do YOU Help the Planet? Tell Us!

Global Green Pals like Clean Air Kate and Recycle Kyle love hearing how you are caring for our planet!

Here’s how one of our real world pals from Chicago, Sydnee, helps out: “We put newspapers and plastic bottles in a blue garbage can for recycling, and I help Mommy turn off all the lights.” Isn’t that awesome!

Sydnee and Carbon Offset Chet

McKenna, another pal of ours who enjoyed playing with her Global Green Pals doll Pink Coral Laurel this summer says, “I love swimming and building sand castles when I go to the beach.  I don’t like when I see garbage at the beach.  I like to keep the beach clean.” Great job McKenna!

McKenna and Pink Coral Laurel

Write Global Green Pals and tell us what you’re doing for the environment! Make sure to check with your parents and then a photo of you and your pal!


Did you know that 1% of the proceeds from every Global Green Pals Pink Coral Laurel doll go to the Gulf Restoration Network? Cherish your Pal. Cherish your Planet.

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