Water, a Human Right?

Today, July 28, the United Nations General Assembly has the chance to make history for future generations. They will be deciding whether or not to make water a human right.

photo credit: Digital Journal

Why is this vote necessary? The U.N. says about 1.2 billion people, including children, lack clean water, while 2.6 billion have insufficient sanitation. Water being deemed a human right is the first step in addressing these problems. If this vote goes through, the state will be responsible for making policy decisions, not private water companies.

On this historic vote, Blue Planet Project founder Maude Barlow says, “We must seize this moment to enact solid legislation and action at national and international levels – starting with the U.N. vote on Wednesday.”

You can help make this vote happen by sending letters to the UN Mission. Cherish your pals, cherish your planet!

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