Carbon Offset Chet Travels the Globe in Honor of the World Cup

Hi everyone! Carbon Offset Chet here. I’m having a blast watching the World Cup in South Africa with my friends. As the the top 8 are starting their final matches, I thought it would be fun to learn more about the environment in the remaining teams’ countries. So I hopped aboard Solar2 with the rest of my Global Green Pals prior to the matches for a little trip around the world before the games. Here’s what we found.

The Global Green Pals take flight in Chet’s Solar2 plane.

When we flew over Brazil, Clean Air Kate said we had to fly to the Amazon rain forest. It is full of millions of plants and trees that provide us with clean air. Unfortunately deforestation is threatening the plants and people in the rain forest. Brazilian soccer star, KaKá has made it his mission to raise awareness about the importance of the rain forest.

After we left Brazil, we headed south to Paraguay. While there, Pani Rani learned that many of the native people in the rural areas of the country do not have clean water. Clean water is necessary to keep us healthy. Slowly, but surely rainwater-harvesting systems are being installed to catch rainwater and provide clean drinking water.

indigenous people of Paraguay (photo courtesy of Amnesty International)

We then flew further south to Uruguay. Pink Coral Laurel was sad to find out that some of the beaches in Uruguay have been eroding because of population increase. This is greatly affecting the coastal community that relies on the beaches to keep the economy going. Beaches and marine life must be protected when communities expand.

an eroding beach in Uruguay (photo courtesy of International Development Research Centre)

In Argentina we saw the beautiful Upsala Glacier. Because of climate change the glacier is not as large as it used to be. Each year the glacier is shrinking by 200 meters. The carbon emissions we produce increase global warming and cause the glaciers to melt. It is important that we keep our carbon emissions low and use renewable energy.

The Upsala Glacier in 1928 and 2004. Do you see how much the glacier has melted over the years? (photo courtesy of BBC News)

When I flew the Solar2 over Germany, my friends and I spotted wind turbines down below. We learned that these devices produce six percent of the electricity in Germany. It was great to learn that Germany installs more wind turbines every year, increasing the country’s green energy resources.

Wind turbines off the coast of Germany (photo courtesy of EcoWorld)

As you know, Clean Air Kate loves to ride her bike. She was really excited when we visited the Netherlands because the people there love to ride bikes too! Not only is bike riding good for your health, but it helps keep carbon emissions low.

bicycle riders in the Netherlands (photo courtesy of Brian’s Ski Epic)

When we visited Spain, Recycle Kyle was impressed with the country’s recycling program. Many streets have recycling bins set up so the people can recycle, keeping the streets clean. Olé!

A few of the recycling bins in Spain. See how colorful they are! (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

Before heading back to South Africa, we stopped in Ghana in West Africa. Clean Air Kate learned that, like in Brazil, there is deforestation in Ghana. In addition to increasing greenhouse gases, deforestation disrupts the lives of the animals, plants, and people living in the forest. Always remember that forests are here to give us clean air and provide homes for our wildlife friends.

deforestation in Ghana (photo courtesy of TreeHugger)

Pani Rani, Pink Coral Laurel, Recycle Kyle, Clean Air Kate, and I are glad we traveled the world to find out what was going on. Like some of our favorite soccer players, we too care about the earth and its people. Go teams!

Cherish your pals. Cherish your planet.

Your friend,
Carbon Offset Chet


Did you know that 1% of the proceeds from every Global Green Pals Pink Coral Laurel doll go to the Gulf Restoration Network? Cherish your Pal. Cherish your Planet.

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