Teachers! Win Global Green Pals for your classrooms!

Teachers! Global Green Pals wants to thank you for all you do with our kids everyday, and in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week we are offering you the opportunity to win a Pal for your classroom.  Please take a moment to write us, and tell us what you’re doing in your class to teach kids about the environment.  Global Green Pals are a fun way educate kids about the important messages of reducing, reusing and recycling and taking care of the planet!  Write us today, and we’ll announce a winner next Friday, May 21st.  Find us on Facebook, Twitter and our blog! Thanks, and good luck!  :)

Wanted to announce our Winner to this contest….thanks Melissa for posting this comment on our FB page:

Melissa Alonzo As a teacher I absolutely love these dolls. It’s a great way to get the kids into reducing, reusing & recycling. I do a huge recycling unit promoting Earth Day for the month of April. I am planning on using each doll to promote different ways to go green throughout the whole school year next year. The kids love them!

Recycle Kyle is on his way to you! :)

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One Response to Teachers! Win Global Green Pals for your classrooms!

  1. Catrina Niven says:

    In our third grade class, we spend a couple of weeks in the month of April, teaching the students about different ways that they can protect our environment. We talk a lot about reducing, reusing, and recycling. On Earth Day every teacher turns off the lights and reads a book to the class using only sunlight. The boys and girls really like this activity. They all crowd around the teacher on the carpet to listen. I think it would be a great idea to implement on a daily basis. As a culminating activity to our environmental awareness unit the students write an essay titled “Make the Earth Smile.”

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