Chicago Green Fest Update

Helena and Daughter

Helena, her daughter Nicole with a Pink Coral Laurel™ Doll

We had a great time at the Chicago Green Fest last week.  Wanted to send a HUGE thank-you to our retailer Nioka Green Store for featuring us in their booth.  In addition to carrying our cool dolls Nioka has some other great eco-friendly products including the Maggie bags that are made out of recycled seat belts (very cool stuff!), more cool reusable bags, stainless steel water bottles you just have to check out their site at

It was great seeing some of our fans and customers.  We always have such a great time at these shows connecting with kids and families who enjoy the dolls and their messages.  At another green show recently attended I asked kids to tell me some of the things they were doing at home or school that’s helping the environment.  And I got some great feedback a sweet young girl named Melissa who told me she likes to get out and clean the park near her house because she enjoys fishing there and we need to keep the garbage out of the water.  Great work Melissa!  I salute you and your friends on all the work you’re doing to help the environment.  Here are some other comments from Melissa’s pals:

  • Recycling water bottles
  • Taking shorter showers
  • Buying a rain barrel
  • Switching to energy saving light bulbs
  • Planting trees

These are all great action steps!  Keep it up kids, you are our inspiration.  Spread the word and get others involved in your recycling efforts.

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