Happy Earth Day from Pani Rani!

Pani Rani

Happy Earth Day Everyone! My name is Pani Rani and I’m a Global Green Pal from India!  In India, “Pani” means water and “Rani” means princess. I love my name because saving water really does make me feel like a princess!

I come from a beautiful region in India called Rajasthan in the Northwest part of the country.  My colorful dress is an example of the bright colors, fabrics and textiles you will find here.  There is lots of history here too and you can see many old forts and palaces.  ….Rajasthan is also a very hot and dry place, located in the “Thar” desert.  Here, water is especially precious.

Lately, it has been very hot in Rajasthan with temperatures reaching 104 degrees Fahrenheit!  It seems to be even drier that usual because less rain is falling and also people are using the water below the ground faster than before.  Some drinking water wells are drying up.  My Global Green Pal Carbon Offset Chet thinks the heat and the lack of rainfall may have something to do with global warming…  When there is less rainfall, higher temperatures and too much water being used, that means that sometimes there may not be enough for important things like drinking, growing food, bathing and other needs. Sometimes people fight over water. Who likes fighting and who likes to be without fresh, clean water?

The heat has affected a lot of our animals.  Even though Rajasthan is hot and dry, we do have many wildlife sanctuaries, including the Siriska Tiger Reserve and Ranthambore National Park, where Global Green Pals’ Founder Malini Goel actually saw a real Tiger in the wild once!  I hope these wonderful animals will be around for a long time and I hope my Global Green Pals and I (and all of you!) can see them too!  Water shortages are a threat to the the beautiful animals of my region.  But it’s wonderful to see when people take action like creating watering holes for the animals so they can have enough water to drink in the hot weather:   http://bit.ly/ciBgoX

My Global Green Pal Carbon Offset Chet was once flying around the world in his solar-powered plane, Solar 2 when he landed in India!  We talked a lot about the importance of fresh, clean water for children, people, animals, plants and all life on Earth.  Chet has flown over many dry areas around the world and he has seen how all children can do their part to save water. In fact, Chet is flying right now and surveying the Earth for Earth Day, meeting many Global Green Pals and seeing what great things kids are doing to help the Earth!  He’s going to tell us and blog as soon as he gets back!

One thing that we think all of us can do is to use only as much water as we need.  In some countries where there is not much water available, people can also save and “harvest” rainwater in tanks and buckets so that when rain does fall, it does not go to waste.  Also, in our houses or schools, sometimes water leaks from faucets but we can stop this by turning them off or informing adults of leaks so they can be fixed.

Also, we can do our part in keeping water clean by not throwing trash near or in lakes, rivers or ponds.  And here are even more things kids can do to save water!  http://bit.ly/91faal

And most of all, we can all spread the word in our communities and schools about the importance of saving water.  How about even creating a fun school project?  Look at this school’s play, “Alice in Waterland”! http://bit.ly/b8ooq2

My Pals and I may not be America’s next top models (see our photo with Nigel Barker below…:) but maybe together, we can all be America’s (and the World’s!) next top Eco-Ambassadors..

Together, we can save water one drop at a time.  http://bit.ly/dcxdgS

Namaste with love,

Pani Rani

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  1. Malini says:

    Hi Jennifer! Email me at info@globalgreenpals.com and we can discuss. We use “word press” for our blog. Cheers!

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